Rebecca Chalupsky

Rebecca graduated from Curtin University with First Class Honours in 2017. Since graduating, she has worked in several residential aged care facilities across Western Australia and has developed a keen interest and passion for working with elderly individuals. Her experiences within these facilities have provided her with insight into the current challenges faced by management, staff and residents within the industry. Recognising these challenges has driven her passion for keeping Western Australia’s ageing population within their familiar and comfortable home environment.

On a personal level, Rebecca lives with her elderly grandmother and grandfather who is a stroke survivor. She has experienced first-hand the challenges and difficulties that come about when loved ones experience a decrease in their functional capacity and the need for increased assistance is necessitated. For this reason, she works closely with family members to provide an excellent level of individualized service.

It is Rebecca’s goal for all clients to maintain their independence and remain in their home for as long as safely possible. She achieves this through a holistic assessment process that takes into consideration their unique strengths and capabilities as well as their challenges and priorities. She then targets her interventions to provide education, assistive technology, installations and home modifications to facilitate their optimal engagement in the activities they need and want to be able to perform.