Our home visiting Occupational Therapy service, Maximum Independence OT, provides services in the areas of self-care, environmental assessments and physical rehabilitation for clients within their home. This includes recommending and implementing any environmental changes to ensure maximum independence and safety for the client. We also provide inpatient Occupational Therapy services at St John of God Hospital, Murdoch.


Occupational therapists use a combination of interview, observation and functional assessment to determine a person’s ability to care for themselves across a wide range of daily tasks. These daily tasks can be broken into 3 categories;

  1. Self-care: dressing, grooming, hygiene, sleeping, eating, 
  2. Domestic tasks; cooking, cleaning, laundry, home making
  3. Instrumental tasks: money management, driving, and medications 

Once an assessment has been completed, an occupational therapist can then recommend a wide range of equipment, home modifications, services or rehabilitation to optimize a person’s function in these daily tasks and ensure maximum independence and safety at home.